sell your records to us

What type of records do you buy?

We're mostly interested in LPs, EPs, 45s. On occasion we will buy cassettes, CDs and 8 tracks. We don't carry 78s.

How much do you pay?

There are many factors that would lead us to pay more or less for any particular record. If you have a selection of albums that meet our criteria you will be offered the most reasonable amount possible for both of us, bearing in mind our need to resell. Iconic artists Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Prince, David Bowie..etc, will be offered higher prices than Elton John, Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel, and the like. Nothing against them, of course. It's all about customer demand and how much of an album we already have in overstock.

We do not accept albums in poor condition. Such as:
- Extensive water damage
- Mold and rot on covers
- Scratched beyond repair

We do accept albums in:
- Fair (some scratches, plays through, cover is split seamed or otherwise in worn condition)
- Good 
- VG
- VG+
- Near Mint
- Mint

What genres are you looking for?

In the store we carry largely Classic Rock and 80s. Other genres we're always interested in buying are:
Jazz, Punk, Metal, New Wave, Alternative, Blues, Funk, and British Invasion.

Other genres such as: Easy Listening, Classical, Country, and Folk are harder for us to sell. We will consider Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley!

Do I need to make an appointment to sell?

Walk ins are welcome. If you would prefer, you can call ahead to let us know you're coming.